Saturday, 6 June 2020

The Forgotten Anino Firewall Project

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Have you guys heard of the Anino Firewall Project? No? Okay it’s one of the forgotten projects made by some of the people from Asianpride and the people behind the 4 o’clock project. ‘Anino’ which means shadow is a firewall utility developed by Filipinos and based on BSD kernel and uses packet filter / pf.

BSD Hackers

It can also be configured using an invisible-bridged firewall. But the project has been left out by its developers because its current version is still the 0.1alpha2  (20030510). Thus, it is still a developmental version since it’s alpha release.

free firewall utility

Why, what happened to the team behind it? The developers have gone in separate ways and have their own jobs now. This project is kinda old already and could have ended a promising development if the updates were not forgotten and left out. The first time I saw this project was when I was still in the seminary in 2008.

But, sample configurations and simple documentations for the ncurses-based interface are included in the image that is still free to download in this link.

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