Saturday, 6 June 2020

Sh00T – A Testing Environment for Manual Security Testers


A Testing Environment for Manual Security Testers.


  • is a task manager to let you focus on performing security testing
  • provides To Do checklists of test cases
  • helps to create bug reports with customizable bug templates


  • Dynamic Task Manager to replace simple editors or task management tools that are NOT meant for Security
  • Automated, customizable Security test-cases Checklist to replace Evernote, OneNote or other tools which are NOT meant for Security
  • Manage custom bug templates for different purposes and automatically generate bug report
  • Support multiple Assessments & Projects to logically separate your different needs
  • Use like a paper – Everything’s saved automatically
  • Export auto generated bug report into Markdown & submit blindly on HackerOne! (WIP)
  • Integration with JIRA, ServiceNow – Coming soon
  • Export bug report into Markdown – Coming soon
  • Customize everything under-the-hood

Download Sh00T

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