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Zone-H Got Hacked…


Just today, Zone-H has been defaced by HcJ, Cyb3r-1sT, Egyptian.H4x0rZ and that shouts were also given to: HcJ, Cyb3R-1sT, Egyptian.H4x0rZ, Sas-TerrOrisT, H311 c0d3, and Red Virus.

For those of you who don’t know Zone-H, it is a website where defacers report and archive their defacements for references of their latest hack escapades. It also contains information security news and news related to hacking and pawnage.

As of this moment I’m writing this news, still contains the defacement page but, and the others have been restored.

zone-h hacked

The defacers left a note that says:

Note : It’s Unacceptable when we tried to notify and found tNote : It’s Unacceptable when we tried to notify and found this message ” nice try” it’s not a try it’s a real! your server rooted, all the websites hacked, all people knew that ! and it’s the third time to hack your websites 2 of them in 2010( 2010/04/02 > brazilian domains + 06/2010 defacement database ),and now ! you should have the courage and allow the defacers to notify your sites, it’s the real courage !”

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