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This week, there is really only one topic to write about: ‘Wikileaks’. Knowing my perspective, lot of my friends engaged me with discussions on Wikileaks and their actions the past week. What happened?

Wikileaks leaked confidential US communications between their embassies and Washington – so-called ‘cables’. 250.000 documents have been leaked, and Wikileaks is about to leak more documents i.A. about the German cultural-diplomacy. The US now tries to secure its system (having 2 million users with access to it does not make it easier) and also tries to make everything sound less worse than it actually is. The fact is: US foreign policy has been revealed to the public and it will have a long-lasting effect on the relations between the US and its partners.

As cyber-libertarian, the question my friends where posing to me is: Why isn’t it wrong what Wikileaks is doing? I think, they should not do it!

Well, first of all, let us go a couple of months back. It all really started with a military officer sending Wikileaks a lot of internal and confidential war-documents about Afghanistan and Iraque. That tipped-off the American government already. Some minor things happened but the tip of the iceberg was still not reached. What happened then to Julian Assange (after some leading figures left the organisation) does not seem to be a coincidence. Two swedish women accused him of rape. After a couple of days – an Julian Assange denying it – they withdrew their statements only to issue it again later. By then, the Swedisch government played along and issued a search-warrant for the head of Wikileaks. I love conspiracies, and therefore I believe there is a lot of US involvement backing these actions up. Call me paranoid or a dreamer but just take a minute about that possibility.

250.000 cables were released on the Wikileaks website. This leak finally tipped-off our American friends. Not only did the Swedish government, together with INTERPOL, issued an international search warrant for Mr. Assange (what a coincidence again…) but the US government also:
– filed a criminal case
– made Amazon delete Wikileaks files from the server

What also happened to Wikileaks (some admit it is pressure of the US, some don’t):
– everyDNS killed the domain
– everyDNS killed the domain (which was rented after .org was down)
– Tableau Public deleted Wikileak files
– Paypal stopped all money transfers to Wikileaks and its affiliated institutions.

In the Information Age, this is no war you can win, dear Americans. This is a war you can only lose worse, fall harder and suffer more. Information gets more when it is divided, so enough support will always be there to host the truth.

A lot of people think that it is wrong what Wikileaks did. I don’t. They made information available to the public which are confidential government information. I, personally, have an interest in what our partner thinks about us and how they are playing with our politicians. It is nice to know that some liberals rather prefer working with the American ambassador than with their own party. Of course, know should follow that example by leaking personal and private information about other people. But precisely because it IS public information, it is good that the public knows about it. It is my right as a member of the German society and democracy to know what my politicians are up to. Information are scarce and Wikileaks helped me to see clear…and I think a lot of Americans are greatful – well not the majority but those who are interested in politics.

I herewith support Wikileaks in its past actions, and I side with John Perry Barlow: ‘Because if they can silence WikiLeaks, they can shut anyone up. Don’t fight for Assange. Fight for yourself.’ John Perry Barlow on Twitter

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