Why I Love Linux?

Linux Force

 Windows is the most common Operating System used by most of the people. They tend to say that it is user-friendly and has a cool desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface).  But I am not one of those people who is an avid fan of Windows. I believe in the so called “Linux force”, I love Linux and I’m a certified linux nyaker.

In fact, I dual booted my laptop with Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) and Backtrack 5 R2 (Release Two).  Then I also make use of my Pentium III computer which I booted with Kahel OS (Filipino Made Distro OS).

“But why do I love Linux?” many of my classmates ask me this question. But I always answer them seriously and convincingly. I always show to them that Linux pawns Windows by showing to them Compiz Fusion Effects and some good bash scripts. Because for me, that’s the best way to prove that Linux’s GUI is better than Windows. Windows 7 effects are just a copy of Open Source applications.

 But seriously, the reason why I love Linux is that it is free and Open Source. Thus it can be used, freely modified, and redistributed, both commercially and non-commercially, by anyone under licenses such as the GNU General Public License. Linux has may different flavors also called as distros (distribution) which includes Ubuntu, Backbox, Busybox, Backtrack, Nodezero, Debian, Linux Mint, etc.

Linux is more secure than Windows, because it pawns Windows. Today there are lot of penetration testing tools that are available for Linux and in fact a lot of penetration testing OS are Linux. Take for example Samurai, Backbox, Nodezero and BackTrack, these Operating Systems are some of the main reasons why most hackers and crackers turn to Linux.
WPA 2 Cracking
Then in terms of programming, Linux has a lot to offer. It’s also about the command line kung-fu. In fact today I’m currently studying python and so far, I’m very happy learning it together with Linux. It’s a good environment to try out with open source development tools.
Linux is one of the best Operating Systems I’ve tried but really in terms of security I would credit it to BSD ( A pure unix distro which is also free and open source.) and OpenVMS (which proved to be more secure according to the vulnerability graph among OS). And for me Linux is user-friendly and would always be my friend. Open Source is better than a Closed Source and Capitalist Operating Systems like Windows.


    1. BSD is a UNIX like OS right? So just like Linux it has different variants like OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, PCBSD,etc.

      So yes, I’m also pointing at FreeBSD bro! =)

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