Why Blame The Hackers?

Whitehat hacker

Chinese hackers gained access of the NASA Satellite for 11 minutes…. Scarlett Johansson’s nude pictures leaked by a hacker… PNP, FBI nab Pinoy hackers with Jemaah Islamiya links…. Filipino Hacker unleashes a virus…. Hackers strike again.. Another government website hacked by hackers… Mr. Blah Blah’s Facebook Owned by a 19 year old hacker…

GREAT!!! They always blame the hackers. Every time a government website is breached, it is always pointed out on the hackers. The media never fail to mention them in the headlines.

Is the term ‘hacker’ really that bad? Or are hackers malicious people? Some people just don’t understand the real meaning of hacking especially the media who taints the term ‘hacker’. The media’s branding of hackers as the bad guys is a disrespect to the hacker culture. If you think that hacking is just all about defacing, breaching, DDoS attacks, carding, spamming, cracking wireless passwords and modding your hardware, then think again because it is more than that. Hackers build things not destroy things. Hacking is being innovative while cracking is breaking something. Thus the basic difference: “hackers create and build while crackers destroy and pawn”.

Because of the wrong redefinition of the hacker today, sometimes the term hacker is quite insulting.

The problem in our society today is that if they hear a defacement incident, they would then name the attacker as a hacker. Instead of calling website exploiters as hackers why not call them defacers? Instead of calling fraudulent people who uses your credit cards as hackers, why not call them carders? Instead of identifying keyloggers, Havij, UDP Flooders, email bombers, botnets, host booters, Cain and Abel, Wifite, Brutus, SQL Poizon, passwordpro, Metasploit,  RAT’s, Nmap, Ettercap, Wireshark, Nikto, WordPress Security Scanner, Aircrack-ng, Joomscan, etc. as hacking tools, why not identify them as cracker tools, vulnerability scanners, assessment tools, penetration testing tools, security auditing tools or skiddie tools?

Hacker Logo
Glider (Universal Hacker Emblem)

Hackers build the Internet and help the Cyber World. They are open source-minded people who loves programming and explores what is beyond. They love Computer Science, Information Technology, Operating Systems, Open Source, Freeware, Information Security, and any geeky stuffs because they are the heroes of computer revolution. Hackers made Unix, OpenVMS, Linux, BSD to what is today. That’s why instead of naming the bad guys as hackers why not call them as crackers?

The hacker culture is about sharing and thus  not an underground group. So if you think you share the same mindset, then you are a HACKER.

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  1. winks!!! nice term cracker 🙂 sounds like chatter ehhehe… is it really fun hacking or cracking ?.. if its not then i will not step into that field, ohlala asl ctc!…


    1. Author

      Hacking or cracking is a preference(whether you just like to crack or hack). I would say both fields are fun but you can combine these two fields and integrate them. If you combine the two, then you are a greyhat. =)

  2. Probably has something to do with the fact that since the 1980’s or even before, the media has been bombarding the populous with the word ‘hacker’ used in every instance where ‘cracker’ would have been more appropriate, which of course made everyone else misuse it. That’s at least 30 years of misuse. At this point, good luck trying to correct that.
    It’s a lot like the GNU+Linux vs Linux thing, it is important and noble to try and correct people, but at the same time it is a lot like carrying water to the ocean…

    People suck, news at 11.


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