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Warning : New FB Malware about Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan is in Facebook Now!

ramgen and janelle sex video malware

Attention all Facebook users and netizens!

I would like to give you a warning that there is a new Facebook malware which claims to have a video uploaded about the late Ramgen  and Janelle Manahan Controversial Love Video. Please don’t click this post in Facebook that says [new] The late Ramgen Revilla and girlfriend Janelle Manahan..Private Video because it is only a spam and it sends spam to other users if you clicked the link. These java drive by attacks are still on the loose today. I hope the Facebook Team will do some actions on these same-as-usual threats in Facebook.

If you are infected with this application, you can read my previous post about some simple tips on how to remove this plugin or application.

How to Determine If It’s a Facebook Spam?

A friend of mine asked me how to determine if a post is a spam or may contain malware and so I decided to write some few tips in identifying spams that may contain malware without using tools or third party apps:

1. When you hover your mouse or point your mouse to the link (don’t click it ok..), they usually are posted with shortened URL’s (for example: Tinyurl)  or linked to an unfamiliar website / registered in free domains like .tk,,, etc.

2. They are tagged to a lot of people you don’t know.

3. Obviously, they are scattered in timelines so it’s better if you visit other people’s timeline to check for unusual things.

4. They are usually headlined with porn videos, celebrity scandals, nude pics, leaked photos, etc.

5. Some of them have tag lines or posts like OMG, ROFL, WTF, MUST SEE, LOSE RESPECT, etc.

6. Some of these links tempt people like how to monitor your viewers and your stalkers but it’s actually a trap to lure you to click on the link.

Note : Spam links should not be confused with Youtube because if you hover on a Youtube video, the link has a description on the left side that it is really from Youtube unlike spam links which links to other websites.

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