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Upcoming Workshop on Blogging 101

Blogging is one of the most popular thing in the Internet today. When you search something on the web, you can see a lot of random thoughts about Philosophy, Politics, Global Warming, hacking, Information Security, World News, Cyber Security, fashion, trends, events, and many more. Blogging summarizes a lot of broad topics; it gives value to a certain subject.

Moreover, bloggers are becoming an influential group in the Cyber Culture and that they even caught the attention of social medias, news, business, and personal branding. They are becoming celebrities! And so with blogging, there are a lot of opportunities. In fact, most of the online businesses today use blogging as a method of marketing their products in order to attract more traffic from their website. Blogging is a good technique in promoting one’s hobby, business,  organization, company and one’s ideal. It’s like blogging is preceding the essence of a subject matter.

And so this November 19 (Saturday) 2011, there will be an upcoming seminar on “Blogging 101: Introduction and Opportunities” which will be held at Cebu Init TBI, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines. I am planning to attend this seminar because this is a good opportunity for me to enhance my marketing and writing skills in order to improve this blog. I hope kapitanluffy can come also even though his from Luzon (wish 3x…).

For more info about this event check this site.


  1. I’d disagree. Blogging is not the most popular thing in the Internet today. Facebook is the most popular thing in the Internet today. Followed by porn. Blogging, IMHO, only comes third.


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