Top Pentest tools you can use to make your Iphone become a pentest device

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A few pinoys might know this but there are many pentest tools that were ported to Apple devices(mine is 3g). I have gathered a few apps that may interest you to try and might as well do some pentesting.

handy hacking

Here are some of the list and repository on where to install. Btw, not all the tools are updated and ported the same way all the features are there, just enjoy and tinker : ) )

1. Metasploit
2. SET (Social Engineering Tool)
3. Nikto2 (depends on Perl(which takes a lot of space on root partition))
4. Stealth Mac
5. Inguma
6. Slow loris
7. Pentbox 1.4
8. Netcat
9. iPwn
10. Ettercap-ng
11. dsniff
12. danaus plexippus
13. iAHT
14. Nmap
15. A lot more. just search on cydia with the corresponding repo.

PS. To install all this , you must have a jailbroken phone.


Default cydia repo

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