The ProjectX Crew


-Responsible for all the things that happen with the group. The founder of ProjectX.


-The reason why exists. He was the one who paid our hosting and help us campaign our blog. He is a Linux User.


– A PHP coder who first suggested that we should have a blog.


– An ex-seminarian turned infosec blogger who loves to write new things and articles that are n00bz friendly.


– He was the one who coded the ProjectX WHMCS Pentesting Tool.


– German Communication Officer at Delgosea who specializes in Cyber Culture, Society, Policies and Warfare. He is currently pursuing Ph.D in Cyberwarfare and National IT Strategy at University of Hull.


– A Security Adventist who loves to blog about PHP codes and snippets to protect your website from chronic vulnerable attacks like SQL Injection, Local File Inclusion, Remote Code Execution, Remote File Inclusion, etc.


– A guest blogger who loves Arch Linux.


– The only female blogger in this blog who keeps track of Politics, Legislation, Science, and focuses on looking behind the headlines, under the radar and back in history to shed light on the subjects omitted and banned from the mainstream.


– he is an Ethical Hacking Corporate Trainer, Having 4 year experience in the field of cyber security and ethical hacking. Working as Brand Ambassador in TCIL-IT Chandigarh, and Vice President of Cyber Security & Anti-Hacking Organization India.


-Another Arch-Linux user and a programmer who blogs about information security facts related to Linux.


-A Filipino infosec enthusiast who is the developer of Project Playground which is a Filipino Pentesting Linux Distro that focuses on web applications.


– Knowledgeable in coding PHP MYSQL, C++ with interfacing(robotics). Your average student who is an underground lurker.


– A penetration tester and programmer who loves to code pentesting tools.

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