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Before Philker, Privatex, and ProjectX there were Filipino underground groups like Asianpride, DarkScience, Philcarder and Oneball.

The year was 1999 and IRC became the place for all carders, defacers, and information security enthusiasts. Website defacement didn’t get much attention to the public because only a few people have computers during that time and Pentium III computers were too expensive and costly. Facebook and Friendster didn’t existed yet and the power of social media wasn’t a mainstream during these days.

Then on 2000, a project initiated by Asianpride was launched which is the 4 o’clock Project.  Their aim was to publicize the flaws of Philippine websites during that time which some websites are vulnerable to IIS.  The website contained their mass defacements and  defacement mirrors from popular Philippine websites like, Globe ISP,, ABS-CBN websites, this was vulnerable to SQLI before),,, etc.

The website also contains exploit tools they made which are coded in perl. (Source codes are inactive)

Mass Socket Analyzer perl script

Solaris /bin/login mismanagement exploit perl script

The website is still up but the project became dead and remained a ghost website. Members from  Asianpride, DarkScience, Philcarder and Oneball retired and stopped defacing.

And there was a time also that some of the members from the said groups were all tangled up in PH Team but I am not really sure  how the team was disbanded since this story was narrated by some of the former members of the group. (thanks to the original founder of ProjectX for the narration)

Ohw and FYI, Asianpride and Oneball were rivals during their active days. (dunno why)

You can check the archives of rebarz99, dcoder, busabos, glitch12, etc. in Zone-h for more evidences that I am not making up this story  :p

What now?

More Philippine Underground and Infosec groups emerged….

At least we learned that were are groups like Asianpride and Oneball that existed before the media was obsessed in taking down notes of recent defacements. lolz

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