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Christmas is rapidly approaching. Well, actually I do not know how many times this exact sentence is written down every year. Being untrue because Christmas is not really approach, but we approach Christmas plus every day goes by with the same speed – it seems to be a big surprise each year. For me, personally, it is, because I have not spent any thought on xmas presents. Will be some tough weeks…. . Anyway, xmas is interesting for everyone and especially for the tech fans because a lot of new stuff is released to be bought a couple of weeks before xmas.

Let us take Apple’s iPhone for example. Almost every year they manage to release a new version of their iPhone some weeks before xmas. That’s good… if you love iPhone and you are not a parent with a iPhone-loving child…or two. As recent studies show,a lot of US teens (and I guess they are not alone in the world) write ‘iPhone’ on the top of their wishlists. Nothing special about that in our technological society. Being up-to-date with technical stuff is not a bad idea if you wish to work in this area later on (and the area where you need basic technical understanding is growing immense). So, my child will be not only prepared for the future but also widely accepted in his social circle. Having things like an iPhone could make the difference of being accepted and being not accepted by ‘friends’, but do I want to pay the price for that? Sure I want… but this price? The iPhone is not cheap.

My parents always acknowledged that the older the children the bigger the expectations. I mean, I still really like Lego but to be honest… a return ticket to random place in the world to satisfy my wanderlust would be a bit cooler (hey mum, dad – if you read this….well you know). In a way I get the feeling that not only the wishes grow bigger with the age but also the big wishes are common in earlier years of childhood. I got my first mobile with 13… and now I see 8-year-olds having a mobile (just a bit jealous). The point is: Our society becomes far more technological, technologies become far more sophisticated, technologies to produce technologies become cheaper… but why do I still have to pay a relatively huge amount of money for an iPhone? I mean, I get it, it is all about money but… as being an essential part of our society in my understanding technologies should become far more cheap. Some things already became cheaper but some things appear to never change their prices. It is a pity, especially living in a country such as Germany where gadgets for example are more expensive than in Asia or the US.

If you ask me, things like access to the Internet and to computers should become cheaper and written down to the list of basic needs of humans. Do not get me wrong, I still think that food is more important… but having education included in the list of basic needs of the International Labour Organisation, computer and Internet technology should not miss out there.

Have a nice first Advent and re-consider giving your child an iPhone for Christmas… could change a lot!

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