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How to Setup VPN PPTP Server in Ubuntu Server

A VPN network (Virtual Private Network) is a secured virtual network that allows to send data between two computers either across Internet or shared network completely safe. In this tutorial we set a type of VPN called PPTP (supported by Microsoft) in our Ubuntu 12.04Lts server edition. The steps are of following reported

1. Installation of PPTP

2. Edit the configuration file

3. Configuration of PPTP
At the bottom of the file, you will find recommended settings for both localip and remoteip. Uncomment localip and remoteip, then configure your IP address range for remoteip if needed. Where:localip: is the IP address of your server adapter

remoteip: contains the IP address range allowed for users to use when connecting through VPN to your server.

When you finish your configuration, save the file and close it.

4. Set up VPN secrets

5. Add users you want to grant access

add the lines

Note: “vpn-pwdX” is the password that the user will use to connect to the VPN network.

To allow all IP addresses for a user, use this example:

at this point restart the service

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