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Save Captain Crunch!

There has been quite a lot of deaths of famous personalities in the technology world today. From the genius philantropist Steve Jobs to the digital pioneer Dennis Ritchie, I’m still wondering what keeps Bill Gates alive (LOL).

The photo you see above is a colorized photo of the famous John Draper. Known as Captain Crunch in his good ‘ol days of phreaking. He is the inventor of the Blue Box, a device capable of reproducing tones used by a phone company. He made public phone calls everywhere. He even made prank call to the White House about a national emergency. He is one of the people who started the early forms of hacking.

Today, I read a news about his ill health and he needs donations. Just what is said in the site that is set up for him, he was in great pain and risk of losing his hands and arms. Donations were already given and the $10,000 goal has been reached. I think you can still donate though.

An update last May 5, 2011 informs us that his therapy is coming along and making progress. Let us pray for his condition to be well. We can’t afford of losing another great one this early. I still want to read his book (read the info in his facebook page).

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