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Routerhunter 2.0 – A tool used to find vulnerable routers and devices on the Internet and perform tests

The RouterhunterBR is an automated security tool que finds vulnerabilities and performs tests on routers and vulnerable devices on the Internet. TheRouterhunterBR was designed to run over the Internet looking for defined ips tracks or random in order to automatically exploit the vulnerability DNSChangeron home routers.
The DNSChanger is a trojan able to direct user requests to illegal sites. In practice, this malware has the ability to change the DNS settings of our machineredirecting the user to sites with malicious purposes. Imagine for example that your system is infected with this malware, what might happen is that the user toaccess a particular site (eg. Facebook.com) may be forwarded to an unsolicitedwebsite and potentially illegal.





The script explores four vulnerabilities in routers:


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