Real and Virtual Strategy

Virtual Strategy

I have always liked strategy games. On the computer they are very good and come with a lot of advantages but as a board they are more fun – most of the time.

A friend of mind just told be about a very good online strategy game with is free to play. It is called Supremacy and takes place during the first World War ( I would like to compare it to the board game Diplomacy which is, if you ask me, the best strategy board game ever developed. Of course, to explain both games in details would be more than just one blog entry and therefore I would like to make a more general comparison between board games and computer games on the basis of these two games.

Advantages of board games: Well of course it is cozier, when you play board games. You can share some drinks together, go out for a cigarette and conduct diplomacy in every room of the venue. Of course, you can also try to eavesdrop on someone before the rounds ends and you have to make your move. Of course it feels more real and the social interaction is higher, especially if you lure someone into a treaty which will eventually cost him his troops. If you are not good at lying, well well!

Advantages of online games: The advantage of a game of course is that it can be illustrated with tanks shooting houses or whatever. You don’t have to care about rules because the computer routine will do the work for you. Complexer games are possible because illustration and application of features such as resources, spies, diplomacy etc.

A convergence of both would be great though. Meeting at some place to use a local area network to play a strategy game but also using real-life for example for diplomacy – or spying at the opponents computer. I think that this is a nice idea.

Why do I think about that? Strategy is considered important in various situations in life but how do prepare for it? Of course, you can read Sun Tzu but why not learning it during playing strategy games? If you do not get 5 players together at your flat, you might wanna try the virtual challenge!

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