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Px WHMCS Pentesting Tool Pirated/Modified by Skiddos and Given Without Credits

Just today, I discovered that some underground forum released another WHMCS Pentesting Tool and so I tried to look on the screenshot of the said tool and right away I was able to notice that it is a cloned tool from our project which is the ProjectX WHMCS Pentesting Tool that was released last November 30, 2011.  The cloned and identical tool which was released by a certain underground forum (I will not mention any name since they know who they are) on December 04, 2011 gave no credits to its original source. Lemme just call their team HT.

For me, it’s just okay if they modified the tool and add features on it as long as they don’t claim they coded it – since it’s a freeware and was not obfuscated. The problem with HT is that they just modified the GUI and made a Youtube video tutorial about it and there is a caption on it that it was they who coded it. Below are the pictures of our original pentesting tool and HT’s modified version.

The Original Version

WHMCS Exploit Tool
ProjectX WHMCS Pentesting Tool

 The Pirated Version

HackterTalk WHMCS Pentester
HT WHMCS Pentester

As what you can see they both have the same outputs and have a caption that says, “Do not inlcude http://”. Makes sense right? But they can’t escape the reality that our released date was earlier. Although their GUI is better than ours because their version has a the black theme (IMO). So if you guys from HT are reading this, please do change some of the codes of your version because it’s really very obvious that it is a copied source. Well, good luck with your forum anyway.


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