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Zero Operating System Project

Just a few days ago while I was hanging out in Freenode IRC Server, I met a guy named vendu whose real name is Tuomo Petteri Venäläinen. We had some chit chats and he introduced me to his project called Zero Operating System. I was very interested on the release of his project that I decided to blog about it in order to attract other coders and Operating System geeks to help him and to help him promote his project which I think would turn out to be cool after I read his free pdf book entitled Zero Kernel : A Guided Tour.

Zero Operating System is a new kernel which currently “impelements parts of C standard library (and extensions) for ARM(32-bit), IA-32, and X86-64 platforms. The machine-dependent parts available forall platforms include setjmp() and longjmp() as well as alloca().

Here are two screen-shots that vendu showed me:

zero kernel

ScummVM and SDL

His project is now linked to his GIT repository. Zero Operating System is open source and under BSD-license. To know more about his project click here.


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