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Premiere Bank PH Website Defaced and Uploaded with Ramgen-Janelle Scandal

Just today, a defaced linked of the official website of the Premiere Bank Philippines which contains a video of Ramgen-Janelle Sex Video Scandal is the talk of the town and widely spread in the IRC and Facebook today. The administrator of this website should update  the website and secure it now because this website has been defaced and breached many times already. Here is the screenshot I took:

Ramgen-Janelle intimate video

I took pity on the part of the slain actor Ramgen Bautista and the dignity of Janelle Manahan as a woman. The defacer who uploaded the video claims to be kenjie miranda of h4ckz0n3. Now, this could also be the real defacer or he is just framed up ( I really dunno). But for sure, this defacer is a Filipino and still live amongst us.

Regarding with the case of this video which violates the ANTI- VOYEURISM LAW OF 2009, Senator Revilla Jr. already asked the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate the spread of Ramgen-Janelle intimate video but I really doubt if the real uploader can really be traced because what if the uploader is using a chain socks tunnel? And that the video is already viral in torrent sites and forums sites.  In fact, I haven’t heard of a  torrent uploader or defacer in the Philippines who was traced just because of using a proxy so what more if he is using  a chained socks SSH server with a VPN before he logs in to the SSH server? I am not saying that the NBI sucks but with the facilities and the equipments they have, I just really doubt the accuracy of their forensics method.


  1. imo they cannot trace the real uploader. all they can do is blame it to the people who they think has a motive in uploading the video. in this case, the rival family 😐

    to everyone who has the video. please just keep it to yourselves. the video itself sucks and lasts only for 1 and a half minute. you’ll enjoy maricar reyes’ scandal better.

  2. The uploader is heartless. And I also pity the hacked bank. How come they couldn’t secure well their website considering that they’re in the “bank” industry? Ironic.

    1. Author

      True, it is ironic but technically because the security in a bank and a website are two different things. I would say that there website sucks but not their banking system though because for sure the website is not connected to the bank’s server but hosted externally and not from their company. Thus in this case, the reason why their website got breached because of poor coding and it is the fault of the website administrator which I think is just a programmer who is not aware of website security configurations like array_map, .htacess configuration, mysql_real_escape_string thus resulting in a common but chronic attack which is SQL Injection.

      For more information about this topic check on this article:

  3. panu ko matatanggal ung viruz sa fb ko. bwisit na janel at ramgen scandal daw, nalock ko na ung account ko sa fb kaya hindi na lumilitaw ung pic nila pero pag nagopen ako ng ibang account na hindi lock ung sa application nya bumabalik ung pic. pls tulong


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