Planet ROOTCON Contest

ROOTCON (5th Philippine Hackers Conference)

ROOTCON ( Philippine Hacker Conference) has just introduced Planet ROOTCON which is a mini group mini group of ROOTCON throughout the region or throughout the world. This is a very good venue for the regional or global groups to create their own small groups and gather around.

What’s the role of ROOTCON on its planet?

1. ROOTCON will do it’s best to help setup the ROOTCON Mini Group meetings and or events.
2. ROOTCON Mini Group members will receive ROOTCON event ticket discounts.
3. Discounts to the ROOTCON swags and merchandise.
4. ROOTCON Mini Groups can tap ROOTCON for help with regards to speaking engagement, events, trainings, workshops or any other hacking stuffs that you like.


1. Register your group to Planet ROOTCON
2. Leaders on the first 4 groups who registered to Planet ROOTCON will get a free entrance to ROOTCON 6.
3. Visit the Planet ROOTCON Page for details.
4. Deadline on submission of entries will be November 30, 2011.


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