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Places to Telnet Without Registering an Account

star wars ACII animation

Here are some places you telnet without registering an account or a cluster access ::

Watch Star Wars Episode 4’s ASCII Animation by telnetting this address. For example: telnet

This address also supports a web interface on port 80.  Telehack is a simulation of a stylized ARPANET/USENET. You can run exe files in the host and allows you to register an account also. It has a working BASIC interpreter with a library of programs to run. These host gives honor to what it feels like being a user during the years 1985-1990.

bbs system

Synchronet BBS List

Click the link above to see lists of BBS systems you can telnet by just using a guest account.

Play a Role Playing Game “Achaea” in your terminal by accessing the host using telnet. You can also play this game for free in your browser. (port 2000)

Play Darker Realms, a multi-user text based adventure game (MUD) in a medieval setting by using port 2000 in your terminal. (port 4000)

Play Crimson Mud II in your terminal by using this address.

This host is a Public Access DEC Alpha/OpenVMS 7.3-1 or OpenVMS cluster which could also be accessed using SSH (I prefer this because I have a cluster for this). If you want to access the DCL without registering, you can use username and password as demo and user. If you want to play classic games in the cluster you can use games:pressplay.

I also have a cluster access for this OpenVMS VAX V7.2 machine and I use SSH to access this. You can use guest as the username and password to execute DCL commands.

Its node name is CTAKAH which is an Ersatz-11/SimH-emulated node powered by RSX-11M-PLUS version 4.6. You can login as GUEST and that you don’t need to put a password.

Powered by RSX-11M-PLUS V4.6 and the location of the server is from Uppsala, Sweden. You can login in to the system by using GUEST as the login name and password . Programming languages include FORTRAN IV, FORTRAN 77, PASCAL, C, C + +, COBOL, BASIC, ADA.

axp node

This host is powered by OpenVMS, to access the AXPDEM:: Node login as CCSS_DEMO and the password is CCSS_PASSWORD.

Your Default Gateway

Yes, you can also telnet your default gateway if port 23 is enabled. You might wanna check the default and common passwords on routers that we have compiled here.

Btw, if you want to add your systems and servers here, you can just reply below so that we can add up your host. 😉

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