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irssi on Backtrack

Are you an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chatter? Are you an information security guy? Are you a pirate geek and a ninja geek? Are you a die hard ROOTCON fan? Well if you are one of those guys mentioned, then #rootcon channel at is for you. The place to hang out with Open-source minded Filipinos and some foreign guests that are con goers of ROOTCON (The premier hacking conference in the Philippines).

In this channel we talk about the upcoming event or convention for next year, some areas of improvement for ROOTCON, Linux, Windows, OpenVMS, business, information security, hacking and girls. You read me right! We also talk about hotties and ch1x0rs.So what are you waiting for? Come and join us and show us what your made of by joining ROOTCON’s official IRC channel at Freenode Server. Be there or be pawned! LoLz

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