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OpenERP Client – Enterprise Resource Management

Most of Business Corporate now using ERP system in able to integrate system that operates in the real time such as Stock management, Accounting and Task Automation.

Open ERP, previously known as TinyERP, is a complete ERP and CRM system.

Main Features of the System:

  • Accounting (Analytic and financial)
  • Stock Management
  • Sales and Purchases management
  • Task Automation
  • Marketing campaign
  • Help Desk
  • POS

The Technical features:

  • Distributed server
  • Fexible worksflows
  • An object database
  • A dynamic GUI
  • Customizable Reports
  • NET-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces.
The application available on Ubuntu Software Center, The package contains the Open ERP client, install openerp-server package for the server.
Visit the Developer Site for more info: OpenERP
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