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Image Courtesy of Occupy Philippines

Okay, I admit it. I am an opportunist. If everyone – a lot of media channels – report on an topic which is closely affiliated with the Internet or movements within, I HAVE to write something about it. So, not difficult to guess, I would like to say a word or two about the #occupywallstreet movement. Those people who are camping on the wallstreet in order to tell the government to f**** off with its attitude to shove millions of dollars up the pipes of the banks which wasted their money on gambling but do nothing to strengthen a social welfare system, employment or anything for the small people.

In order to understand what this is about, we have to understand where it comes from. What I mentioned above is only one part of it. Maybe the most important but it does not explain the connection to the Internet and thus not the coverage, spreading and sustainability it gets as support from their affiliates online. You remember #anonymous? Those guys wo stood by the side of Wikileaks when their credit lines were cut off? Those guys who used the Low Orbit Ion Cannon and DDoS to shut down websites and spark a cyber-social movement? Well, they are part of it too. After they become somehow affiliate of the #anti-sec movement (explained in an earlier article) they are now supporting the #occupy movement. Tweeting, video coverage and everything you can do as online movement … well some hacks obviously also happened. But there is more to it.

#occupywallstreet was not the first attempt of #anonymous to get real ground under their virtual feet. The first one was..#OPBART. I also wrote an article about that. Basically it was sparked by law enforcement injustice – BART security guards in San Francisco shot an armed but harmless guy. Due to the fact that it also involved shutting down the cell service on the underground, parts of the anonymous group found it worthwhile to support that movement. Also adding the eyes and ears of the movement to cyberspace and making it accessible to a quite broad public.

Then, #occupywallstreet happened. A kind of anti-capitalistic movement which highlights to failures of the government to deal with the banking crisis in an appropriate way. At least, that is what I think is the message of that. People went their, met up, started camping, campaigning and standing their ground against police forces and being ignored by traditional media. For around two weeks no national TV, radio station or newspaper covered what happened on the Wall Street. They were not many people but still, not coverage? Interesting if you ask me. Another reason why parts of the #anonymous movement supported the #occupy movement. If there is media censorship, there is a high possibility that there is #anonymous action.

The protest sparked and spread and soon several streets in the United States and later in several other cities around the globe are filled with people campaigning against their governments wasting money, national debt, power of capitalism and what else fits this picture. Just now, when I am writing this article, reports come in that #occupy protests in Rom turned violent and people got injured over that. Well, not really surprising. So after #anonymous and #anti-sec, now there is #occupy. What is #occupy in the sense of a cyber movement? It is a hash tag. It is a website. It is online channels. And it is people sharing information – texts as well as pictures and audio-visuals. The people feeding these channels come from supporters of the pirates parties in Europe, the anonymous movement, maybe even some of the anti-sec umbrella. They might be socialists, they might be leftists, they might be cyber libertarians – that is where I see myself – and they might come from different backgrounds, various cultures and plenty countries. They might not be the 99% but they are popular. Whatever you do: Don’t ignore them.

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