New Years Eve Speech 2011

Dear Cyberspace,

I wish you a happy new year 2011. May you stay healthy and steadfast in the upcoming 12 months.

2010 has been a difficult year for you but you survived it and gained a lot more popularity. Remember the years when everyone only saw you as the source for illegal file sharing? These days are over…but my dear I somehow get the feeling that your current popularity for access to information, facilitation of services for governments and immense app-store could be tackled by the 2011 events. What could that be?

Extension: This year will be another year with helps you, my old friend, to gain influence in more regions of the world. If the people want it or not, they will be able to have access to you. Bless them with the ability to know how and the government to let them do the way they want.

IPv6: This year will mark the ending of your ability to equally (or better: at all) distributing one of your most important sources to the different people and institutions which want to access you: the IP addresses. Let us hope the migration to IPv6 will progress in a healthy and a non-existing threatening way. Let us hope you will be able to stay as neutral and non-controlled as now.

Net Neutrality: Lovely discussion over what packet to rate in which way will occur. By artificial nature, you are not distinguishing between the packets. All packets are equal. I wish you, that commerce and state-interests will not ruin one of your basic principles: every 1 and 0 is equal.

Censorship: The news have been disturbing. The news are always disturbing but this year it will be again caused by censorship approaches. Last year has been a long and tiring fight but you have not lost a lot of ground. In some countries you gained in some you lost. In Europe you gained, in China the Wall erodes due to the people. Keep it up!

Cyberwars: Stuxnet has shown in what direction our attention on conflicts might shift in 2011. Anonymous-group than fought for what they thought is freedom of speech by shooting stars down from the ecommerce sky… . Even though interesting and vital for my PhD project, I hope you don’t have to endure being the battleground of too many 21st century conflicts – because scorched earth will always be left behind.

Dear Cyberspace, 2011 will test your strength and ability to adapt…don’t let them chance you. Stay yourself and keep it up helping us to achieve our need for data and our want for joy.

Yours sincerely,

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