New Years Eve Speech 2010

Let me first tell you a in-a-way funny story which fits good to what I think about the Internet and what will be interesting in the future. One week ago I had an interview (casual social project) were I have been asked where I currently live. This year I traveled to eight different countries, spending more time abroad than in my home country. Additionally, I am leaving my country again for an instinctive period of time and therefore have to give the local authority notice of my departure. The only thing which traveled with me all the time was the Internet. I stayed connected to all my people, received my mail where-ever I was and the Internet was the same everywhere. Thus, I answered that I do live on the Internet. It is not because I do not have a fancy real life or because I am a nerd. It is because it is the only never changing issue in my life. I am online where-ever I am, therefore the Internet is my home. Okay, you got me.. the only funny thing about the story is the face of the interviewer, which I could not take a picture of to upload it for you. After having considered the Internet as my home, let me briefly state what I wish the Internet to happen in the next twelve months:

Dear Internet,

please stay as you are, a free and open entity which facilitates communication and information for all the people being connected to you. Help them to find what they are looking for and to stay in contact with their family, friends, beloved and all the other people they want to stay in touch with. Let sophisticated engineers apply new technics to you which help you provide more privacy and security for your users -b ut not at the cost of some institution or country getting to much grip on you. I hope more people will discover your beauty and less people will try to abuse you for their own narrow-minded bargains. You have the potential to help people in third world countries to live a better life. Education, information, communications and new job opportunities are the major field your potential can be used to help these people. Projects like Negroponte’s One-Laptop-Per-Child-Program are good steps towards achieving these aims. The possibilities to work with you are countless, the ways of abuse wrong use are too. This shall never stop you from being a platform for creative minds, do-gooders, people who seek for information or just anyone else working with you in a proper way.

Stay as you are my idealistic friend – you are one of the greatest innovations mankind ever made.

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