New Year 2012

technological societyDear Cyberspace,

you have been a steady and quite interesting companion in 2012. A lot of things happened to you and through you. As most of the things that happened to you have been recorded in my past fifty articles, let me share with you my vision for 2012.

First of all, I would like you to continue supporting freedon of information and freedom of information all around the world. Through emails, instant messengers and social networks you were able to play a major role in opposing individuals, groups and governments who were attacking the rights of individuals, their human rights in most of the cases. I hope you will still be able to help those in need to voice out their opinion and connect to each other in order to stay strong against whatever makes them suffer.

Secondly, I wish you to be able to overcome approaches to silence you. To make you a slave of the few, the slave of governments. Many governments introduced and improved their blacklists (filter lists given to Internet Service Providers in order to not let people access these sites anymore) or have even openly pending bills – such as the US SOPA bill – which are defying what you stand for: transparency and free flow of information. The greatest invention of mankind shall not be unjustly limited by those who fear its power.

Thus, groups such as Anti-Sec will hopefully stay by your side in order to achieve the above mentioned. I pray that this movement will adhere to and obey its own rules and not violate the trust it earned by a big part of your community. It stands for transparency, flow of information and free access to information for those who are concerned. Their ways might be questionable but these ways seem to be the only way to accomplish the transparency, flow and access to information.

Additionally, groups who are trying to hide under this umbrella but are terrorists, criminals or crackers per se shall be prosecuted due to their destructive attempts to bring you down. It is not the medium, it is the users who commit malpractice and who make your reputation suffer. You are not scamming people, people do. They abuse you. It is not you nature nor it is the nature of hackers who adhere to your intrinsic rules and who, in fact, created them.

Lastly, I would like state authorities to raise their own awareness, the awareness of their private companies and citizens about you. Those who sitll mix crackers and hackers, freedom fighters and dissidents, right to information and censorship shall be educated. They shall learn what you are and what you are not – what to do and what not to do. They cannot hide from progress. You are progress. They shall follow.

Have the power to withstand abuse
Have the patience to teach your virtues

We talk again at the end of 2012, I hope you will be able to experience all the above mentioned my old friend.

Yours truly,

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