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New OpenVMS Vulnerability

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Alright, I was just hanging out in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) with my friends discussing about gurls, escapades, new fan signs for our blog and suddenly my friend (his name is scr3w) told me about a new vulnerability which has been identified and reported by Christer Oberg (a well-known bug hunter) for HP OpenVMS TCP/IP Services running SMTP server. The potential security vulnerability could result in a remote Denial of Service (DoS). I was so interested on the said exploit that I told him to send me an email about the said vulnerability.

Classic DECWindows Session in OpenVMS

Luckily, the HP Team responded and published the patch kit for resolving the vulnerability. For complete documentation on how to patch your system, just click this link so that you may be able to resolve the issue. I hope public OpenVMS clusters have already downloaded and updated their clusters in order to protect from this new 0 day.

Reference: Hewlett-Packard Company and HP Software Security Response Team


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