Irssi = Simple Yet Cool IRC Terminal Client

Irssi is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat)  terminal client that runs on Unix-like operating systems and can run on Windows through Cygwin. It is written in C Program and uses a text-mode user interface.

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To install Irssi in Ubuntu type:

sudo apt-get install irssi

After installing, run this command:


To connect to an IRC server type(For example connecting to DALnet):

/connect irc.dal.net

There are actually three important connection-related commands: /server, /connect, and /disconnect. Irssi can handle multiple IRC connections simultaneously, thus it is possible to be active in channels on different networks at the same time. The first command, /server, will connect to the specified server on the current network. While, /connect will open a new network connection and connect to the specified server on the new network.

To join a channel type:

/join #channel

To quit type:


For more information on the irssi commands type:



~happy chatting

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  1. Hello kaizoku, been testing irssi for a while and it’s cool.
    Two things I want to do is to remove /exec command and change default shell for /exec.
    Tried googling but can’t find any good reference.
    Any idea?


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