Information Gathering

Intrigue – Intelligence Gathering Framework

Intrigue-core is an API-first intelligence gathering framework for Internet reconnaissance and research.

Intrigue - Intelligence Gathering Framework

Setting up a development environment:

The following are presumed available and configured in your environment

  • redis
  • sudo
  • nmap
  • zmap
  • masscan
  • java runtime

Sudo is used to allow root access for certain commands ^ , so make sure this doesn’t require a password:

Starting up…Make sure you have redis installed and running. (Use Homebrew if you’re on OSX).

Install all gem dependencies with Bundler (

Start the web and background workers. Intrigue will start on

Using the web interface

To use the web interface, browse to

Getting started should be pretty straightforward, try running a “dns_brute_sub” task on your domain. Now, try with the “use_file” option set to true.
Now, browse to the web interface.


API usage via core-cli:

A command line utility has been added for convenience, core-cli.

List all available tasks:

Start a task:

Start a task with options:

Check for a list of subdomains on

Check the Alexa top 1000 domains for the existence of security headers:

API usage via rubygem

API usage via curl:
You can use the tried and true curl utility to request a task run. Specify the task type, specify an entity, and the appropriate options:

Download Intrigue-core at GitHub

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