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How to install Gnome 3.12 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS Gnome Desktop

In this tutorial we gonna discuss how to install gnome 3.12 on a existing gnome dekstop edition.

Gnome project has recently release GNOME 3.12 .

Major features for this release include:

  • A significant update to the experience for finding and installing applications.
  • Major facelifts for the Videos and gedit applications.
  • Greater high-resolution display support.
  • Big updates for the Software and Web applications.
  • Improved start up times as well as more efficient resource usage.
  • A new application folders feature, which lets you organize your apps.

1. To Update from current Gnome Shell 3.10 to 3.12. We need to add repository, Open a terminal and run the following command.

2. To Upgrade Gnome Shell 3.10, just run the following command on terminal.

3. After you installed update or upgrade we need to reboot the system and run the command on terminal with root privileged/sudoer.

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