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How To Install The Windows 8 Metro Style Conky Theme On Ubuntu 11.10

After the release of the beta veriosn of Windows 8 by Microsoft with the new interface code named Metro UI, a developer at the DevianART website has created a conky theme inspired by the Windows 8 Metro UI interface.

In this guide we will help you install the Metro Style Conky Theme on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Windows 8 Metro Style Conky Theme Installation:

1. Let’s first install Conky on Ubuntu using this command:

2. Via the terminal, create a hidden conky folder in your home folder using this command:

3. Access it now with this command:

3. Inside this hidden folder (.conky), we need to download the conky theme and unzip it there:

4. Run now these two commands to make the and files executable:

5. Edit now the file and enter your Gmail account details (username and password) using this command:


To load the Windows 8 Metro Style Conky theme automatically at start up, follow these instructions:

1. Using the dash, open Startup Applications:

2. Click Add:

3. Give the theme any name of your choice (Windows 8 Metro Style, for example), then click Browse:

4. Press Ctrl + H to show hidden files and folders, access the “.conky” folder and open the “” file:

5. Click Add:

6. The Windows 8 Metro Style Conky widget will now start automatically at system startup upon reboot.

Enjoy! 🙂

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