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How to Install Cantata Music Player Client 1.5.2 in Ubuntu and Debian


Hello guyz in this tutorial we will guide you to install Cantata music Player on Ubuntu and its Derivative System.

Cantata is a music player, working with KDE, or as a Qt4 application build available for Ubuntu and other version of debian.

Cantata features:

  1. Support for Qt4, Qt5, KDE, MacOSX, Windows, and Ubuntu Touch builds.
  2. Multiple MPD collections.
  3. Highly customisable layout.
  4. Songs grouped by album in play queue.
  5. Context view to show artist, album, and song information of current track.
  6. Simple tag editor.
  7. File organizer – use tags to organize files and folders.
  8. Ability to calculate ReplyGain tags. (Linux only, and if relevant libraries installed)
  9. Dynamic playlists.
  10. Online services; Jamendo, Magnatune, SoundCloud, and Podcasts
  11. Radio stream support – with the ability to search for streams via TuneIn and ShoutCast.
  12. USB-Mass-Storage and MTP device support. (Linux only, and if relevant libraries installed)
  13. Audio CD ripping and playback. (Linux only, and if relevant libraries installed)
  14. Playback of non-MPD songs, via simple in-built HTTP server.
  15. MPRISv2 DBUS interface.
  16. Support for KDE global shortcuts (KDE builds), GNOME media keys (Linux only), and generic media keys (via Qxt support)
  17. Ubuntu/ambiance theme integration – including dragging of window via toolbar.
  18. Basic support for touch-style interface (views are made ‘flickable’)
  19. Scrobbling.
  20. Ratings support.

Cantata release the new version 1.5.2 with the bug and fixes.

  • Fix Ubuntu Touch builds.
  • When refreshing search menu, clear items first!
  • Fix setting of cover when existing cover is embedded in music file.
  • Hide ratings widgets, etc, in tag editor for devices and Mopidy, etc.
  • Use Control+Alt+Number as shortcut to toggle an output.
  • Don’t allow to set short-cuts for actions that are menus.
  • Add high-dpi support to Linux Qt5.4 builds.
  • When calculating ReplayGain, if peak value is less than 0.00001 then assume the calculation is invalid.
  • When parsing podcast RSS, if episode is marked as video (e.g. video/mp4) but the url ends in an audio extension then it is proably an audio podcast.
  • Correctly initialise search category.
  • Fix potential crashes on refresh.
  • Fix duplicate notification when Cantata is started whilst playing, or when ‘Replace Play Queue’ is used.
  • Only show output change notification if outputs menu was not previously empty.
  • Construct a new config object, rather than changing group, to avoid any race conditions.
  • If fading volume on stop, then reset volume just before stopping. Some outputs (e.g. pulse audio) only allow setting a volume whilst playing.
  • If ‘url’ entry is empty in ‘enclosure’ section of podcast RSS file, then use ‘guid’ text as url – if possible.
  • Fix copying of covers to UMS, etc, devices if song is transcoded.
  • Add an option for 64 bit non KDE linux builds to install helper apps to lib64 instead of just lib. Pass -DCANTATA_HELPERS_LIB_DIR=lib64 to cmake.
  • In tag editor, only mark rating as changed if it has been.
  • For Linux non-KDE builds, use login1 interface to detect system resuming.
  • Enable scrobble ‘love’ button even if scrobbling is disabled.
  • Don’t crash when detecting an audio CD with no tracks.
  • When playing a digitally imported (or JazzRadiom, etc) stream from the favourites section, then modify the URL if the user has a premium account (to match what existing behaviour is stream is played from the station list)
  • Workaround build issues with SpeexDSP 1.2rc2
  • Use correct stream icon in playqueue for streams with no song details.
  • Respect carriage returns when displaying comments in context view.
  • Fix replaygain calculation when ffmpeg is using planar formats.
  • Enable ‘save’ button when reading ratings from multiple files.
  • Fix cantata-remote script (used for Unity launcher integration) when this uses qdbus.
  • Fix display of rating in tag dialog when only 1 file is being edited.
  • Fix fetching of ratings in table style playqueue.
  • Don’t convert -ve track, disc, or years to unsigned – set to 0.



To install Cantata on Ubuntu 15.04 and lower version of ubuntu you can now install it via PPA using KDE.

1. Open a terminal and add the PPA repository.

2. To install Cantata on non-KDE Ubuntu systems and derivatives.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/cantata-qt
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cantata

3. To Removed old cantata on the system.

4. or you can download cantata at giigke code.

Thats it..enjoy..

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