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Hidden-Tear – An OpenSource Ransomware-like File Crypter

It’s a ransomware-like file crypter sample which can be modified for specific purposes.


  • Uses AES algorithm to encrypt files.
  • Sends encryption key to a server.
  • Encrypted files can be decrypt in decrypter program with encryption key.
  • Creates a text file in Desktop with given message.
  • Small file size (12 KB)
  • Doesn’t detected to antivirus programs (15/08/2015)

Demonstration Video:



  • You need to have a web server which supports scripting languages like php,python etc. Change this line with your URL. (You better use Https connection to avoid eavesdropping)string targetURL = "";
  • The script should writes the GET parameter to a text file. Sending process running inSendPassword() function
  • Target file extensions can be change. Default list:


Legal Warning

While this may be helpful for some, there are significant risks. hidden tear may be used only for Educational Purposes. Do not use it as a ransomware! You could go to jail on obstruction of justice charges just for running hidden tear, even though you are innocent.

Downalod Hidden-Tear at Github

Credits to:

Utku Sen – A Turkish security researcher

I started blogging around 2011 at #Ubuntupirates, #ProjectX and #pir8geek, I’m currently working as Network/Linux SysAdmin.

I’m a Linux,opensource advocate and interested in network security and InfoSec.

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