The Projectx Blog


 And so kapitanluffy and I (shipcode) decided to create a blog which features our random thoughts about the cyber world, open source movement, Linux, Unix, BSD, hacking, information security, and many more. This blog will make a difference in the area of blogging here in the Philippines.

First of all, we would like to introduce our partnership group called ProjectX. What is ProjectX? ProjectX is not an underground hacking group that defaces websites, pawn your Windows computers, root your Linux boxes, clone your wimax routers and other hack escapades. We do not condone illegal activities. Instead, we support Information Security and Open Source Movement. We are ninja geeks but we are the good guys. We are not affiliated with any government agencies, we are independent.

We promote security awareness and we blog about some cool stuffs about it. We love ROOTCON which is the premier hacking conference in the Philippines. And most of all we LOVE you techno geeks and ninjas out there. (although my co-blogger is a pirate)

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