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Google surrenders in Nymwars

Nymwars is the name given to the conflicts over policies mandating that users of internet service identify using real names. This began when the Google+ social networking website began enforcing the use of real names policy. Those who do not follow will get their account suspended.

The first suspension happened in the first days of July. Massive suspension of accounts happened in July 22, 2011. Only in August 17 they provided a grace period to change the names. I myself had a difficulty changing my name. It is still a pseudo-name and luckily my account survived till August 17. I even submitted a petition mynameisme as a sign of support for the #nymwars

Their policy indeed disregards to acknowledge long-standing internet culture. Using pseudonyms are also way too different than anonymity. Since the latter is the use of a fake personality. Best of all, this may cause the individual harm. He may be subjected to violence and harassment.

What do you think about Google+ policy? If you have a G+ account, don’t worry. They already announced that they would support pseudonyms last October 19 at the Web 2.0 Summit.

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