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Firefox 8 Officially Released

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Firefox 8 Notable Changes

  • Add People Search to Firefox (Twitter)
  • Silent Update: Lessen the showing of the what’s new page
  • Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand
  • Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps
  • Confirm add-ons on upgrade




Firefox 8 Improvement 

  • Firefox 8 is 20% faster than Firefox 5 in almost every metric: start up, session restore, first paint, JavaScript execution, and even 2D canvas and 3D WebGL rendering.
  • Changes are not just under-the-hood, synthetic-benchmark, on-paper thing either: the difference between FF5 and FF8 is very noticeable.
  • Considerably faster at JavaScript execution, posting benchmark results that are about 15% faster than Firefox 5.
  • Firefox 8 is as fast or faster than the latest Dev Channel build of Chrome 14. Chrome’s WebGL implementation is still faster, but with Azure, Firefox’s 2D performance is better than Chrome.
  • JavaScript performance is also virtually identical.

Download Firefox 8
Firefox 8 Final now available for download in Mozilla Firefox home page, download Firefox 8 for yout OS through following links

Download Firefox 8 via FTP
You can download Firefox 8 Final through following Mozilla firefox FTP :


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