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Facebook Trusted Friends exploit

Facebook already had many upgrades. From the Facebook Timeline up to the Facebook’s search results. This time they upgraded a security feature in retrieving passwords. The method uses your 3 to 5 Trusted Friends in order to access your account once more.

Many people claim that the new upgraded feature is easily exploitable. The exploit has been around the past months. It is like under beta test and as far as I observed Facebook did not announce it. Yes, the old version is easily exploitable. All you need to do is add your target person with 3 hot fake chick profiles and use them to access the account. We would really like to thank Facebook for such wonderful flaw (lol).

The flaw forced Facebook to disable that feature temporarily. Now, I guess it would be epically stupid if they’ll be doing the same mistake all over again, though the enter the code thing looks like exploitable again too. I haven’t tried the upgraded feature yet so I cannot make some good comments about it. As what I have read from their help center, I think the upgraded feature is okay. You’re going to be the one who will pick up your so-called “Trusted Friends”. Pretty secure don’t you think? 😀

So if your going to hack access someone’s Facebook account, amplify your social engineering skills and get that 3 hot, half-dressed fake chick profiles you’ve been working on since last year, although asking them for their password is the easiest thing.

To paranoids out there, don’t be too alarmed. Try setting your Trusted Friends right now. It’s a cool feature in my opinion.

P.S. I’m not a Facebook Fan (lol)


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