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Facebook Malware about Stolen Video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Still On the Loose


For those of you noticed this link about the alleged stolen video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez please don’t click this link. The link contains malware which infects users once the user approves the application and spams other users in his or her friend’s list and Fan Pages he / she likes. Possible risks of being infected with this kind of malware is that it may steal some of your information and destroy your reputation because it spams other users.

I have already reported this as a spam to Facebook but they haven’t taken action on this yet (hmmm). If you are infected with this application please do access your Account  Settings and click Apps then remove or block the application which you suspect is responsible for the said mayhem.

Facebook apps


If you see other applications that are possible sources of malware please report those links. If you don’t see the application, report it as spam so that Facebook will take action on that which I hope they will because they haven’t done any actions on this new malware crap.

report spam

Don’t forget to change your settings and other information like passwords.

Also please help other users infected that and share this information. Please be vigilant and don’t click on suspicious links which claims to contain porn, nude pics, scandals, sex videos etc.  Be safe!



  1. My Facebook account is infected with this malware -

    How do I remove this? HELP!


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