Emulate an Alpha Hardware System on x86/x64 Windows PC to Run OpenVMS

Personal Alpha - OpenVMS Emulator

It’s been a long time since I haven’t updated the OpenVMS category, and so here is a short article that may be of help to all OpenVMS fanatics and users out there.

Lemme introduce to you Personal Alpha by Stromasys, a software that lets you run Alpha/OpenVMS/Tru64 on your personal computer because the system emulates a DEC3000-400 (Sandpiper) with 128 mb memory, 2 fixed disks, 1 Ethernet Link, CD and a floppy drive .(Cool ey!) Instructions on how to configure your emulation can be found if you press the Help Button. And what’s good about this software is that it is free to download.

Hey but wait!!! You can’t execute DCL scripts yet by just running this hardware emulator, you still need an operating system like OpenVMS/Tru64. Thus you need to get an OpenVMS hobbyist license and the OS CD. (just a heads up)

To download this emulator click here.


  1. Stromasys is just one of a few. MSI (Migration Specialties International) is another, both require a host OS (typcal Windows) to run. The free PersonalAlpha (by Stomasys) runs on Windows32, MSI’s FreeAXP runs on both 32 and 64 versions. I use both, at times.
    Both have commercial versions as well – and for VirtiualAlpha of Stromasys, I know it’s great (my company has experience with it). I have no experience with MSI’s AVANTI
    A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto a product that allows OpenVMS to run almost bare on x86:

    but it could run under Windows or Linux as well. I haven’t tried that (yet)


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