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Embed Linux Terminal To Nautilus File Browser

Nautilus Terminal is an extension that adds Terminal to the file browser, following navigation with automatic execution of the “cd” command when you move between folders.

Nautilus terminal fully supports all common functions such as copy/paste (using Ctrl+Shift+C andCtrl+Shift+V) and drag & drop functionality.

A good thing about this extension is that it provides the flexibility of hiding the Terminal anytime by dragging it upwards, or with the F4 hotkey. This enables having more onscreen real estate for the file browser when required.

You can install Nautilus Terminal using the following commands:

Once installed, use this command to restart Nautilus to apply the changes.

In case you would like to remove this extension, use the following commands:

For removal to take effect, restart Nautilus once again using the command specified above.

Nautilus Terminal works with Nautilus 3.0 and 3.2. You can also download the Nautilus package from the link given below.

Download Nautilus Terminal

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