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Dukhang Hacker says farewell

You may know well who Dukhang Hacker is if you follow this blog.  He is known for being humiliated on a defaced government websites. Pictures and information of Dukhang Hacker or probably known as Lester Mariano and Greyhat Ethical Hacker is posted there. Even his Facebook profile is posted. Personally I don’t know who Dukhang Hacker is or what his motive is but I know one thing is for sure, he is a “hacker” in his own sense. And hell I care.

He claimed that he founded the Pinoy Cyber Army together with ‘Shakz’. It sounds like a rip off of the Pakistan Cyber Army. I don’t know if they are real affiliates, but just like what I said, I personally don’t care.

He even says that ProjectX wants him down. I don’t know with my colleagues if they really want to, but personally I don’t care.

So why am I posting something about him if I don’t even care. I just find it funny why he really wants ProjectX to bring him down. I don’t even know there is a “Dukhang Hacker” in the scene. I didn’t know that men we’re worse when it comes into being an attention whore.

He even said that We are afraid of him. Hell yeah we are afraid that you would give us a surprise buttsecks (lol)

Dukhang hacker, if you are reading this, please come back. I personally miss you. It is rare to find some entertainment in this kind of scene.

As for the real Pinoy Cyber Army, I did not expect that you will react to this post. My humblest apologies to you if you got offended and assumed that I am referring to your group.


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