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So Dennis Ritchie is dead..

You can’t consider yourself a C programmer if you don’t know him. If you are familiar with UNIX, you are indeed familiar with him. Known by his user name dmr, Dennis Ritchie, the father of C programming language and the key developer of the UNIX operating system, is dead October 12 at the age of 70 weeks after Steve Jobs death.

After Mr. Tony Stark died, I mean Steve Jobs, I could say that Dennis Ritchie’s death is one of the most reserved deaths of such personality. They didn’t told us (as if we are reporters) when and how he died.I was too busy at final exams and would’ve even know this if wasn’t for the posts from tumblr.

We cannot avoid to compare the two. Especially where Steve got all the media’s attention and now being coined on how a douche he was. Both were pioneers at their own field. I may agree that Dennis Ritchie is the shoulder that Steve Jobs stepped on but both of them are great men of  our time. Let us not blame the other for sucking all the attention. You know what they say, being mainstream is too overrated.

Since there is no company or website for him to post a farewell message. Try leaving one at the comments section below or you can do that at your blog. Better if you can give us the links for a tribute page.

Farewell Dennis, there is no PHP without C

– php addict


  1. i dont want to compare both of them, since they have a different focus. Steve was more on user experience,design and selling products. Steve has a wider audience since, most if not all, developers and a lot of users know who Steve is, but there are few users who knew dmr. I do agree that dmr has contributed greatly that even the word “greatly” would be an understatement. dmr is like a god for the developers and steve is like a god for the users.


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