DEFT Linux 7 Can Now Be Downloaded! Grab the ISO Now

DEFT Linux 7

Calling all network security enthusiasts, forensics investigators, information security enthusiasts, Linux users, hackers, and other techno geeks out there. DEFT Linux 7 has just been released by the “DEFT team namely Massimiliano Dal Cero, Sandro Rossetti, Paolo Dal Checco, Davide “Rebus” Gabrini, Emanuele Gentili, Meo Bogliolo, Marco Giorgi and Valerio Leomporra. The iso image can now be downloaded on their official website.

DEFT Linux 7 is based on Lubuntu 11.10 and the iso’s kernel version is Linux kernel 3.0.0-12 so you might wanna update your system after installing because of the recent Linux Local Root Exploit (CVE 2012-0056) or Mempodipper. The said distro originated from Italy and contains tools like Iphone Analyzer, Reggripper, SQLite Database Browser 2.0b1, Cyclone wizard acquire tool, Mobius Forensic, PTK Forensic 1.0.5 DEFT edition, Hydra 7.1, DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) and many more tools that are free and open source applications dedicated to incident response , computer forensics, mobile forensics, network forensics, and cyber intelligence.

Still not convinced of using this distro? Then you might wanna try out DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) which is a graphical interface that checks the integrity of each tool before its execution contains tools like Windows Forensic Toolchest, Nirsoft ChromeHistoryView, Advanced Password Recovery, Database Browser, LimeWire Library Parser v4 e v5, and other tools you haven’t heard of yet.

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