Cowsay = Make Animals Talk in your Terminal Emulator

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If your a Linux geek or user then you should be familiar with cowsay (moooo!) most probably. But for those of you who don’t know about cowsay then lemme introduce it to you in this article. Cowsay is a cute program written in perl that draws a cow that echos a statement. Okay, so let’s start mooooing then…

To install cowsay on your distro, open your terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install cowsay

(if your distro is Debian based)


su -c “yum install cowsay”

(if your distro is rpm based)

This is how to print a statement or a word in your terminal (cowsay <statement>):

cowsay “Hello! Ako Budoy”

Hello! Ako Budoy

Ohw, but wait there’s more! You can also choose other animals to appear in the terminal. You can find all the cow preferences under /usr/share/cowsay/cows.

To choose your own cow or animal (not all are cows) type:

cowsay -f nameoftheanimal.cow <statement here>

For example:

cowsay -f vader.cow “You cannot arrest an idea”

cowth vader

dragon ASCII

Lulz, Ren and Stimpy cows are also included. :p

And one more thing, the original cow is also featured in Metasploit. :))


  1. Correction…

    su -c “yum install cowsay”

    Though saying…

    yum install cowsay


    apt-get install cowsay

    …should be enough. (It’s implied that you should be root).

    and sudo yum install cowsay should work too if you’re in the sudoers list.


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