Cain & Abel Password Recovery Tool 4.9.43 Unleashed

Cain and Abel

Just today, Massimiliano Montoro has just releashed Cain and Abel Password Recovery Tool 4.9.43 with added features and bug fixes of course. I once downloaded this freeware tool way back in high school in but now you can also download the new version at

For those of you who don’t know Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool in weeniedos..uhmmm… I mean Windows that does “network sniffing, cracking encrypted passwords using dictionary and brute force attacks, decoding scrambled passwords, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols.” (citation from

Basically it is a pentesting tool, network security tool and a skiddie tool for Windows users and just like the ProjectX WHMCS Pentesting Tool, the author takes NO responsibility of what you are going to use this tool with. Users should be responsible because you assume all risks in downloading and using this tool.

Added Features:

– Added SAP R/3 sniffer filter for SAP GUI authentications and SAP DIAG protocol decompression.
– Added support for Licensing Mode Terminal Server connections to Windows 2008 R2 servers in APR-RDP sniffer filter.
– Added support for MSCACHEv2 Hashes (used by Vista/Seven/2008) in Dictionary and Brute-Force Attacks.
– Added MSCACHEv2 Hashes Cryptanalysis via Sorted Rainbow Tables.
– Added MSCACHEv2 RainbowTables to WinRTGen v2.6.3.
– MS-CACHE Hashes Dumper now supports MSCACHEv2 hashes extraction from Windows Vista/Seven/2008 machines and offline registry files.
– Fixed a bug (crash) in Certificate Collector with Proxy settings enabled.

Download Link:

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