Book Published: Life and War in Cyberspace

Life and War in Cyberspace

Dear InfoSec Community,

on a personal note, I would like to inform you that I just launched my first book. It contains an edited compilation of two years of my blog articles revolving around cyberspace, cyber culture, cyber liberty and cyber warfare.

If you can spare 280 Pesos/ 4,99 Euro, just follow the steps mentioned below and obtain a PDF eBook copy of my book. I would be happy and more happy about comments!

Here you go:
1. Use Google Chrome as browser because it can translate websites. You can order your eBook from the Philippines but the website is only in German.
2. go to
3. let Chrome translate it to English
4. follow the steps, creating an account and putting the PDF in your shopping basket.
5. at some point during the process you will receive an email. It is in German and contains an activation link for your account. Just click on the link and then your account is verified and you can login.
6. When asked about the billing adress, you have to come up with an imaginary address or an address of a friend who lives in Europe or the US. Don’t worry it is not the delivery address, just the billing address.
7. After you paid for it by credit card, you go to your account management and under ‘bought items’ (or similar) you will find the direct download link for the eBook.
8. Enjoy!

I would really like to apologize for the trouble but it is not doable any other way.

Yours, z_edian

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