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Behind The Hacker News (

THN or The Hacker News based in India is one of the online Hacker News Organizations which talks Information Security News, Skiddie Tools, Defacements, Breaches, Cyber Threats, etc. They have gained fame and popularity. The website gained both recognition and criticisms from other infosec dudes because it was like a rip off from HNN(

But what other people don’t know is that they are ripping off other blog contents from other infosec blogs without proper attribution or links. In fact one of the articles of this blog was rip off by THN and the article was all about the Premiere Bank PH Website defaced and uploaded with Ramgen and Janelle Video. At first they didn’t put a source on their copied article but after I tweeted about their non-attribution to the original source, they immediately linked our original article and replied:

@shipcod3 @attritionorg ,Site Linked ! We miss to link source sometimes,bcoz most of the news submitted by Followers,bt later we always link

LoL. excuses :p !

After that, tweeted:

For those asking, yes, @TheHackersNews is plagiarizing and violating copyright on some of their content.

After some further investigation, released a new errata featuring THN and that you might want to read their article entitled The Hacker News – Profiting Off Extensive Plagiarism from Legitimate News Sources so that you will be able to understand what THN really is.

Aside from @attritionorg’s collection of 10 articles which contains plagiarized contents, I also caught 1 article which contains a rip-off of 2 sites/blogs to their article entitled “Reaver brute force attack Tool, Cracking WPA in 10 Hours“.

The content “The WiFi Protected Setup protocol is vulnerable to a brute: force attack that allows an attacker to recover an access point’s WPS pin…….mon0 -b 00:01:02:03:04:05” was taken from which didn’t contained quotes or attribution.

Another content, “Reaver is a WPA attack tool developed by Tactical Network: Solutions that exploits a protocol design flaw in WiFi Protected Setup……… the 802.11 security community.” was also taken from Tactical Network Solution’s Product info which was not given a credit nor quoted.

Aside from copied contents, Pak Cyber Army exposed THN for reporting about fake intrusion news about the HP FTP servers being hacked by Hex Coder which THN then edited after learning from their mistake.

Avik Sarkar of also released a book entitled #operation India|The Inside Story wherein he gave some evidences and proofs that THN is connected to the #operation India or behind such operation. Thank you dude for releasing this exposition.


Message to THN: You got exposed 😉


    1. This is what I call a stupid comment. Get some life dude

      Take this as a quote

      Opinions from this blogs are universal, transparent, link-attributed and uncensored. This is an infosec blog. Whether you like it or not. Exposes and Anomaly are tackled here. If Indians from the THN are so stupid to plagiarize an article. Let it be. Its their account and not by you

      Are you an Indian? UMADBRO?

      1. I’m talking about hackernews’ comment. And I’m talking about hackenews threatening shipcode here. If you’re not stupid enough to understand that what i said is STUPID COMMENT IS STUPID. Who owns this blog anyway? Who can record whose ip here? LOGIC BRO that’s how the world works.


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