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Be On Guard Against Lies, Plagiarism, Errors and False Security Experts

Security Industry Errata

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” – Matthew 24:24

Ohw wait! Why did I quote the Bible? Well, let’s just say I owe this verse because it applies not just to our religion but also to Information Security. If there are false prophets or false christs then there also false security experts and charlatans. That is why we should be aware of the latest mockeries, errors, plagiarism, lies, quackery, tricks that some supposed to be security experts and security companies do.

Right after my forensics investigation on why Gregory Evans’ Blog Site was pawned, I did some research about this guy and learned some of his dirty tactics and mockery about security from Security Errata. I thanked this website for giving me some heads up about errors, misconceptions, the value of integrity, and information insemination.

Security Errata demystifies some conspiracies and the truth about some security companies and authors who only say half truth  about their works. I agree that some people who lived among us only want fame and profit that is why they trick other people to believe them, in fact some of them falsify their documents in order to be qualified in jobs that offers just compensation.

Security Errata’s articles, works, and categories include; Legal Threats,  Certified Pre-owned, Autofail, Charlatans, Plagiarism, Security Companies, Security Companies that Spam, Other Company Incidents, Statistics, The Media (FIN), Security Software Vulnerabilities, and Data Loss / Data Theft. My favorite category is Charlatans, wherein I was able to see disclosures of people who are False Security Experts and Fake Hackers which includes Gregory Evans, Ankit Fadia, James Glave (Wired), Carolyn Meinel (aka HappyHacker), etc.

And so guys be aware and be on guard against lies, plagiarism, errors and false security experts, for more information please do visit Security Errata now. Say No to Plagiarism and Copyright Violation!

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