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Anonymous Plans to Overthrow Illuminati in 2012

Illuminati Logo

Last December 17,2011 Anonymous uploaded their second video about their message to the secret society group which is the Illuminati (in Latin it is the plural form of Illuminatus which means ‘Enlightened’) and that they plan to declare war on Illuminati in 2012. Guess, they still want to celebrate New Year.

“Nation’s will rise to crush the system…. war between systems and peoples… revolution is near, peoples are aware… war is near…”

Moreover, the Anonymous group threatened the Illuminati that they will release the leaks of the group’s 13 blood lines, personal files, puppet files, valuable information, confidential information  and locations of the members.

I think the leaks would also be interesting since there are a lot of conspiracies that I have read from this secret fraternal group (thus, I became so f**k** confused of what to believe. lol). Some people believe that this group is tied to masonry to “the sun and Isis cults of ancient Egypt” but maybe we will learn a lot from this group if the leaks are proven true about their origins /bloodlines/ members because from what I know this group was founded by Adam Weishaupt – A Jesuit taught guy.

For more information, check out this video:


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